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Holy Cross School

Our involvement with Holy Cross school also dates back to around 2009. Through a passing conversation, we heard about a group of volunteers that were going to Belize to work with a school for children in Belize that were struggling to get basic services, including schooling and basic dietary needs.  A couple of conversations later, we were on a plane to Belize with the group and quickly fell in love with the people, the children and their story.  The school was started up in 2006 by an American couple who had been vacationing in Belize and saw many children running through the streets on what should have been a school day.  After making some inquiries, they found out that the Belizian government did not have funds to educate these children and the couple started up the school using their own funds. 

Today, Holy Cross is a thriving school and success story, however, since the Belizian government only covers the salaries of the teachers, the school still relies on the donations of many generous people to fund its operations, including giving each child a full meal, which they may not otherwise get.  If you have 3 minutes,please watch this YouTube Video of the school, it truly is a story that will steal your heart:

{rokbox title=|Holy Cross School Video|}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7nMbQx7gQU{/rokbox}

If that three minute video resonated with you, here's another video with more background (this one is nine minutes of your time, and it could change your life (or a child's):

{rokbox title=|Holy Cross School Video Full|}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk_Gp7ONl7Q&feature=related{/rokbox}

To learn more about Holy Cross Anglican School in San Mateo, Ambergys Caye, Belize, visit their website here.