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While there are untold worthy charities in this world, we have elected to focus on a few that are near and dear to our hearts for various reasons.  All charities hope to make the world a better place and by our supporting these charities, we hope we are doing our part. While other charities are also supported, here are some that we have tried to focus on. We invite you to check out the websites of the charities we mention below to learn more about them, and if you feel so inclined, to support them.

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Charities Supported

  • Habitat
  • Holy Cross School
  • Juvenile Diabetes
  • Nature Conservancy

We have been involved in Habitat for Humanity since roughly 2009 and have grown to understand the importance of a good home to family life and childhood development. Without a good home, children struggle to excel in school and often fall farther and farther behind. A good home and a good family structure helps children focus on their schoolwork and gives them the foundation they might not otherwise have. In addition to supporting Habitat for Humanity in the US, we have adopted the Costa Rica chapter as well.  While traveling there and seeing the poverty of this beautiful, yet developing nation, we realized how important it is to help these families develop the same opportunities that we have in the US.  Here is the website for both our local chapter and the Costa Rica chapter.

Visit Habitat for Humanity here.

Visit Habitat for Humanity in Costa Rica here.

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Our involvement with Holy Cross school also dates back to around 2009. Through a passing conversation, we heard about a group of volunteers that were going to Belize to work with a school for children in Belize that were struggling to get basic services, including schooling and basic dietary needs.  A couple of conversations later, we were on a plane to Belize with the group and quickly fell in love with the people, the children and their story.  The school was started up in 2006 by an American couple who had been vacationing in Belize and saw many children running through the streets on what should have been a school day.  After making some inquiries, they found out that the Belizian government did not have funds to educate these children and the couple started up the school using their own funds. 

Today, Holy Cross is a thriving school and success story, however, since the Belizian government only covers the salaries of the teachers, the school still relies on the donations of many generous people to fund its operations, including giving each child a full meal, which they may not otherwise get.  If you have 3 minutes,please watch this YouTube Video of the school, it truly is a story that will steal your heart:

{rokbox title=|Holy Cross School Video|}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7nMbQx7gQU{/rokbox}

If that three minute video resonated with you, here's another video with more background (this one is nine minutes of your time, and it could change your life (or a child's):

{rokbox title=|Holy Cross School Video Full|}http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk_Gp7ONl7Q&feature=related{/rokbox}

To learn more about Holy Cross Anglican School in San Mateo, Ambergys Caye, Belize, visit their website here.

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This is another charity near and dear to us as we have a niece that was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes (T1D), and here is their story, as told by her parents.

Our story:  When our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age eight, we were shocked and uneducated about the disease.  Over the next several months we learned things about "low" blood sugars and how that can cause an immediate "scare" for the diabetic and loved ones; we learned how "high" blood sugars can leave long term damage on vital organs; we learned that there are many medical advances towards curing the disease but that it will be with us for now; and most of all we learned that our daughter, who is deathly scared of needles, is a hundred times stronger than we are. She lives with diabetes with courage and a commitment to be healthy and not let diabetes get in the way of her dreams.  But it isn't easy.  She has to count every carbohydrate she eats, monitor her blood sugar many times a day and adjust insulin in response to food, exercise, stress, and excitement.  Just about everything we do affects blood sugar. 

It is a part of our lives and we do not let it get us down.  We look to the future and pray for the day that she:

  • doesn't have to prick her finger before she puts anything in her mouth
  • gets invited to sleepovers without the other family being scared of her diabetes
  • doesn't have the stress of wondering if she is high or low and what is the cause of it and the damage because of it
  • can raise a family without it being high risk for her 


We hope for the day when we don't worry about other children getting diabetes.  We have that hope because of JDRF.  JDRF is working tirelessly to cure, better treat, and prevent type one diabetes.  Imagine an artificial pancreas that our daughter can wear so she never has to test her blood sugar or adjust her insulin on her own again.  Best of all, it keeps her in a tight blood sugar control range helping to avoid life altering and fatal complications.  Imagine a time when she can take a oral medication that stimulates her insulin producing cells, which are killed by diabetes, to regrow and work.  She never takes insulin again.  Imagine a time when people at risk for T1D can get a vaccine to prevent them from ever getting the disease.  JDRF is working on all this and there is great promise. 

When we give to JDRF we know our gift is going to support ground breaking research that will one day make our hopes come true.

You can read more about the work of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation on their website.

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The Nature Conservancy is a leading nonprofit conservation organization that works throughout the United States and around the world. Their mission is to conserve the lands and water on which all life depends.
With the help of more than 1 million members, they have built a tremendous record of success since their founding in 1951.
They have protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide — and  operate more than 100 marine conservation projects globally. They work in all 50 states and more than 30 countries — protecting habitats from grasslands to coral reefs, from Australia to Alaska to Zambia. 
Everything the Nature Conservancy does is rooted in good science — aided by their hundreds of staff scientists. They pursue non-confrontational, pragmatic solutions to conservation challenges  and partner with indigenous communities, businesses, governments, multilateral institutions, and other non-profits.
Their vision is to leave a sustainable world for future generations. The approach is simple. They protect nature,  figure out how to use it better, and bring people together.
Please feel free to visit their website and learn what they have done in your community.
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